Wednesday, June 17, 2009

This is just funny

OK, this is not a new tip or anything, but some weird translation of a previous post. I found this via Google. The original page was already removed from the web, but Google still had this in it's cache. Try to understand this:

More Oracle Tips: Forms-Apex Integration

There are restful slews of companies that usage client/server Forms6i. For account of those companies I was asked to impute a form to crow about PDF documents that are stored in the database. Well, you can lay the categorize to a overt directory on the database server and ajar this categorize with Acrobat Reader. I obstruct up it more challenging to give some concern to if I could join client/server Forms with Apex. Not surprisingly, it is surprisingly uncluttered to accomplish this. devise or put in place of operation showReport(i_id in the conspicuous in digit )isvBlob in the conspicuous debasing in the conspicuous debasing in the conspicuous debasing in the conspicuous debasing blob;beginselect report_contentinto in the conspicuous debasing vBlobfrom in the conspicuous debasing demo_reportswhere in the conspicuous id = i_id;if dbms_lob.getlength(vBlob) >0 then in the conspicuous owa_util.mime_header(’application/pdf’,false); in the conspicuous htp.p(’Content-length: ‘ || dbms_lob.getlength(vBlob)); in the conspicuous owa_util.http_header_close; in the conspicuous wpg_docload.download_file(vBlob);end if;end showReport;Next, devise an Apex relevancy that uses no authentication to disdain the logon process when specialty Apex pursue of the succeed in initially all at once. Start with a database operation to reimbursed for the PDF from a BLOB column.

Create an expressionless cook in this relevancy, e.g. cook 100. Add account unseen cook chronicle P100_ID. Include the id (primary key) of the steppe, but not the BLOB albatross. Create an On Load, Before Header PL/SQL approach on this cook:showReport(nv(’P100_ID’));Now devise a form based on your demo_documents steppe. Forms wouldn’t be familiar with what to do with this. It is critical to impute some column look like a intrinsic hyperlink.

So, move the participants bevel, impute the grounding appearance the unchanged as the canvas appearance, and tiptop underline from the Font election.

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